77 Skills To Stop Climate Change or Live Through It…

climatechangeOkay, I know it happened three days ago now and it’s a little late to comment on it, but, despite myself I enjoyed the Live Earth spectacle this weekend.

I was set to dismiss Live Earth as just another “cause of the day”, and, it may turn out to be just that, but, there were definately some musicians involved who were singing their hearts out trying to make a difference by inspiring anyone watching to take a little more care with our environment.

At the top of my list for most earnest performances were The Foo Fighters and an indie band called Nunatuk who beamed in their musical contributions from a British reasearch station in Antarctica.

How is this related to reading books?

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Of Cabbages and Long-Winded Blog Posts…

1984Just finished reading yesterday’s post, and, noticed it was very long… So, hopefully, those of you whose idea this was made your way through my first attempt without falling asleep!

The departure from my school of one of the teachers I mentioned in yesterday’s post was part of the inspiration for this blog. We hope it will be a way of continuing our frequent discussions about books. His new school is in the same school division, so, before he left he asked me to give him a stack of recommended reads that he can send back through interdivision mail.

One of the books I gave him was George Orwell’s 1984. I also borrowed a copy for myself.

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