Heather vs The Coconut


Bought this coconut and wasn’t quite sure how to deal with it. One of my former students from the Philippines advised me to peel it down to the “meat” and then stick a straw in to drink the liquid or drain it and then just break it open.







I think I peeled off enough of the wooden coconut covering to make a bread board. I had to switch to a much sharper knife and it took forever.


Of course, I cut my finger in the process but I was finally able to make an incision to drain the milk



There is a lot of liquid in one coconut. It tasted sweet and refreshing and made me look forward to the lovely coconut meat inside.


But alas, twisting, hitting it on the bottom of the sink and even scoring it with a knife and hitting it with a hammer would not open the coconut.


The coconut, in an unatural habitat. I am hoping -20 C (-36 wind chill by morning) will cause it to crack… or that a swallow will pick it up and drop it, finally revealing the tasty white coconut flesh I imagine inside.


The coconut suffered -20 C temperatures and blizzard conditions and still it would not crack.


 I dropped it from arm’s length onto the cement…




I contemplated next steps while it thawed…









I tried this Wiki How recommended technique of baking at 200 degrees…








Tried cracking it again by hitting it with a hammer while rotating the coconut. I even tried wrapping it in a towel and hammering it, to no avail.







Success? I was about to give up on the coconut and throw it out (couldn’t drive to my dad’s today to use his sawzall because of blizzard conditions) when I decided to take a knife and pry at the incision I made to drain it the day before. Once the crack was bigger, I was able to hit all around the area with a hammer and make a small hole at the top. I guess the freezing, baking and sitting had dried out the shell making it more brittle so it finally gave way!








I was never able to crack the coconut in half, however, so I had to use a fork to pull the coconut meat through the small hole I was able to make in the top. I guess because I had baked it in the oven for 10 minutes, the meat of the coconut had entirely pulled away from the shell.



The empty coconut shell and the finally “freed” tasty coconut meat. I had a bit and it was good but perhaps a little dried out from being baked.

I managed to quell my urge to grate the rest of the coconut and store it in a bag (because then what would have been the point really?) I’ll save it in a container for later. As a bonus I now have an empty coconut shell that I plan to fill with pineapple juice to drink while reading The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe.





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