Treadmill desk = No socially awkward penguin moments while biking

After just over a week on my new treadmill desk I am still treading and loving it. In fact I am walking as I write this.  To those who are familiar with my absent-minded nature, especially when I am concentrating on writing, you had no need to be concerned. I only fell off once. After my first tread walk I forgot the treadmill was still elevated and didn’t expect the long step down when getting off. I lost my balance but safely toppled onto the spare bed conveniently located beside my treadmill in my office/spare room.

Another time when I was engrossed in doing some layout work and walking at the same time I stepped left to reach something and found one of my feet dangling in thin air but I quickly just shifted it back onto the treadmill belt and never missed a beat.

Now my lack of serious injuries is likely also due to the speed I have been walking – – only 1 mph. Now that I am done doing layout work for a while and will be turning back to writing I plan to ramp up the speed (at least a little).

Another question I have been asked is about the noise level of the treadmill. There were a number of times I jumped on the treadmill,starting working and realized after several minutes that I hadn’t turned on the power yet so obviously it’s not loud enough that I really notice.  When I did notice was when my legs starting getting sore from standing. Once I started walking it was clear sailing… or treading… further indication that I can likely ramp up the speed and incline when I want more of a workout.

I don’t own a scale but I can feel that my clothes are a lot looser. I also feel more refreshed throughout the day. I have been using a standing desk for the last year – essentially my old manual treadmill that allowed me to walk while viewing but not while typing as I had to hold on while I actually walked. Both styles of desk have allowed me to work without the annoying shoulder, neck and back pain that arises from working too long hunched over a traditional desk.

The aspect of “treading” that surprised me the most is how effortlessly I was able to fit walking into my day. I walked one to two hours per day without even noticing because I spend at least that much time per day on a computer anyway. My dad suggested I could have spent that time riding my bike around town but I’m pretty sure it would take way more coordination to ride my bike, balance a laptop on my handlebars and type at the same time than it does to use my treadmill desk.

Plus, the last time I went for a bike ride, I ended up doing this…

(From the Socially Awkward Penguin tumblr. Yes, sadly, such a thing exists and apparently I am one.)

Here are my treadmill desk stats so far in the just over a week that I’ve been using it.

Time spent: 17 hours

Speed: 1 mph

Miles walked: 17  (hey that was pretty easy math!)

Incline: 0-5 on my incline setting (but mostly 0)

Average calories burned: 96 cal per hour at 0 incline, 99.8 cal at 5

Total calories burned: 1150.7

Total weight loss: hmm, we won’t go there yet

Unlike other exercise regimens I’ve tried in the past I faithfully stuck to it every day for over a week. I even treaded while watching a movie on Netflix.

Another plus, because of the makeshift middle-kitchen-table-board shelf that provides my workspace there is a slight angle to my desk surface. Why is that a good thing? Although the little grippy things on the back of my wireless keyboard and mouse keep them in place, snacks simply slide right off the desk. So although I can now walk and type at the same time, I can’t eat at the same time.

If you want to know more about treadmill desks, check out this blog by this amazing author I know who inspired me to try a treadmill desk. He also writes some pretty cool books.



2 thoughts on “Treadmill desk = No socially awkward penguin moments while biking

  1. blepp

    I would like to see your treadmill desk! That is really multitasking. And congrats on sticking to the exercise program. Well done! I have a 25 minute treadmill routine to share with you. I used it last winter with much success and after never having a scale for about 20+ years, I bought one because I had to see the results of my healthy eating and exercise routine.

  2. blepp

    BTW I have a book to recommend to you for the library.
    It is called The Girl Who Threw Butterflies and is about a girl who tried out successfully for the boys baseball team. It is for MY students, but I would like to read it!

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