Halloween stories and urban legends in the library

pumpkin22In my library today I hosted a Music and Halloween Story event. The idea was to allow junior high students, who had recently finished writing short stories for Halloween, to read them out loud. Just in case students were too shy to read their stories, I looked up some ”scary” urban legends to read which you can check out here.

As it turned out, a number of students signed up to read their stories with a couple of them even telling their stories from memory complete with the appropriate dramatic pauses.  A fledgling cover band (this was their second performance) also took the stage.

When I was that age, I loved writing stories, but I don’t think I would have been brave enough to ever read one in front of a crowd. And, despite any dreams I may have had of singing in a rock band, you would have never seen me perform in front of my classmates. It was nice to see the students, on this day full of scares and fears, able to overcome what is for some, one of the scariest things of all – public speaking!

In what I thought was an urban legend, but, turns out is true according to a biography I recently added to the library, October 31 is also the day magician Harry Houdini died. Once known as International Magic Day, the 31st is now just one of the days of International Magic Week.  You can find out more about the great escape artist and magician, who died on the most magical of days, here.


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