You’re not in Kansas anymore with these Manitoba writing contests

writerscollectivelogo1.jpgThe Winnipeg Writers’ Collective has announced its annual non-fiction and poetry contests. The non-fiction contest is just one of the contests (there is a fiction contest later in the year) the Collective hosts annually with the Winnipeg Free Press.  This year participants must write a non-fiction story based on the theme, “I knew I wasn’t in Kansas anymore when …” The idea, according to the friendly people at the Collective, is to relate a true tale about something unexpected or bizarre that has happened to you.  To help you get started, the contest instructions ask, “How did the world around you suddenly become unfamiliar?  Did you receive an unusual phone call?  Take a wrong turn? Encounter a mysterious stranger?” 

You don’t have to mention the exact words of the theme in your story.  There are first, second, and third prizes of $500, $300 and $100 respectively. Even a better prize, however, is publication of the winning entries in the Winnipeg Free Press or in the Collective Consciousness, the Collective’s bi-monthly journal.  Winners also receive a one-year Writers’ Collective membership, which, as a member myself of this fine group that helps promote and inspire Manitoba writers, I would say is likely the best prize of all.  Contest rules and entry forms are available here or by e-mailing the Collective at  While you’re at it, ask for an entry form and details for the Collective’s recently announced poetry contest. There are two divisions, Student (Grades 7 – 12) and Adult (ages 18 and over). In addition to receiving cash prizes, all winners will be published in The Collective Consciousness journal. Entries to the non-fiction and poetry contests must be postmarked no later than Oct. 31, 2007. There are no drop-offs and entry forms must be included.


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