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Title announced for next book in Eragon series

BRISINGRChristopher Paolini has released the title of the next book in the Inheritance series which began with the popular Eragon. In announcing the title on his website, Paolini explains:

“Brisingr is an Old Norse word for “fire.” As you may remember, in Eragon, Brom uses the word brisingr to start a fire. This is the first time Eragon hears an ancient language word, a word of magic. Later, when Eragon is cornered by Urgals in Yazuac, he shouts “Brisingr!” to great effect (see Eragon—chapters “Revelation at Yazuac” and “Admonishments”).”

Despite the announcement of the title, anxious readers still have to wait until Sept. 2008 for the next installment in the series and even longer for the recently announced fourth book. For more information visit

Holiday reading or how to change the world one day at a time…

EverydayActivistThe best part about being a school librarian is having school holidays. You don’t get paid for them, of course, but, it gives you some nice time at home with your kid(s), who, if they get bored with you trying to pretend you’re a rock star while accompanying them on the new X-Box 360 Rockband game, might actually give you a half hour here or there to yourself to read. So far this holiday season I’ve finished off The Everyday Activist 365 Ways to Change the World. Compiled by Michael Norton as a one-page-suggestion-per-day way for ordinary people to make a difference in the world, The Everyday Activist wasn’t necessarily meant to be read in one sitting. However, as I purchased the book for my school library, I read the entire book right away to more quickly get it into circulation. Now I can rely on the companion website at, which I will also recommend to my student readers, to follow along. 

As Severn Cullis-Suzuki (daughter of the famous David) points out in book forward: 

“This book is not a blueprint for saving the world… Its point is to show the plethora of ways to create positive change in the world. Its mandate is to get you thinking. It’s not so much a calendar of things to do each day — some of the individual activities could take a whole year to execute – but rather a resource of ideas and examples… to get us out of following the patterns of consuming, working and living in a thoughtless way. The 365-day format is a way to get us to think about things that matter each day.”   

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