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Just announced… Fourth book in Inheritance “Trilogy”

eragoneldesAt 4:00 p.m today Christopher Paolini, authour of Eragon, announced live on his website that there will be a fourth book in the Inheritance “Trilogy”, which will now be called the Inheritance Cycle. He also announced there would be a suprise ending to the third book which will come out on September 23, 2008. He said he added a fourth book to the series because the third book was getting too long. You can listen to a re-broadcast of the announcement here.

The man behind the mask…


We set off early so there wasn’t a line up when we got there, which was likely a bad thing. I could have used more time to prepare. We made our way through the corridor created by the ropes on each side of us under the watchful eyes of the man behind the makeshift counter at the end. When we finally stood before him, he loomed above us, even though he was sitting down. Flustered, tongue-tied and as intimidated as I was when I first “met” this man when I was only 11 years old, I gushed, “I’ve been a huge fan since 1977 and my son has been since the 90’s…” 


“Two generations…,” he nodded, while I worked up my courage to continue.

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Darth Vader visits Winnipeg this weekend…

darthvadarDarth Vader, everyone’s favourite villian, will be in Winnipeg this weekend for the Manitoba Comic Con and

Sci-Fi Expo. David Prowse, the man behind the mask and under the suit of Darth Vader will be a “media guest” available for questions from the media between 10 and 2 p.m. today.  Anyone with tickets can also meet Darth during “An evening with David Prowse” on Sunday October 28.  Tickets for that evening are $50 with support to  Literacy Partners of Manitoba. Mr. Prowse and a number of other special guests will also be available to sign publicity photos throughout the weekend.

Such guests include Richard Hatch from the original Battlestar Galactica show, Gwynyth Walsh & Barbara March who played Lursa & B’Etor on Star Trek, and Canada’s own Margot Kidder, otherwise known as Superman’s girlfriend Lois Lane. There will also be a chance to meet various comic book and fantasy artists and authors. Dealers of comic books, toys, action figures, gaming items and movie memorabilia will also be on hand. Limited tickets are avaible for special events including a masquerade ball on Saturday ($15) and the evening with David Prowse on Sunday ($50). A weekend pass that doesn’t include access to the special events can be had for $10.  You can purchase the pass through the site here. Find out more information on the Manitoba Comic Con website. Hope to see you there!


How to break your classic reading into manageable bites…

warnandpeaceA little while back I blogged about Project Gutenberg, the internet’s oldest producer of electronic books or ebooks, designed to let readers access classic public domain fiction for free on-line. takes the idea one step further and sends bite-size portions of classic books via e-mail or RSS feeds to readers each day. The books are sent to subscribers in installements designed to be read in five minutes.  Readers select which days and what times they wish to receive the book segments. After reading one installment, a reader can decide to receive the next installment immediately. A quote from the site operators, a team of publishing professionals and technology experts headquartered in Mamoroneck, New York:

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Winnipeg million dollar sci-fi collection moves to Edmonton

boxesEveryone in Winnipeg and possibly in Edmonton has likely heard about the collection of mostly science fiction and fantasy books, fan magazines and correspondence  donated by Winnipeger Chester D. Cuthbert to the University of Alberta.  Winnipeg media reported on the story last week as the collection, valued at about a million dollars and numbering some 60,000 works, was loaded up for the trip to Alberta.  I didn’t take in all of the coverage there was to see, read, and hear, but, what I did left me with the question, “why didn’t the collection end up in Winnipeg?”.  The answer is found in a post on the blog, “the pod bay door” by Randy Reichardt, a former Winnipeger and now engineering librarian at the University of Alberta.

(Photo “Boxes From the Cuthbert Collection Awaiting Their Move to Edmonton” from Pod Bay Door photostream on Flickr, © 2007 Randy Reichardt.)

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