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A Book About Another Side of London

unlundun.jpgStill craving a little more fantasy writing after all the Harry Potter I’ve read this summer, I’ve started reading Un Lun Dun by China Miévelle. Usually an adult writer, Miévelle has aimed this book at a Grade 5-9 audience. However, if you keep in mind that the story is being told from a 12 year old’s perspective, I think it’s the type of book adults can enjoy reading as well. Un Lun Dun tells the story of two friends, Zanna and Deeba, who are drawn through a series of strange events occuring in the real, present day London to an alternate world – – essentially another version of London, but, much different than the non-Muggle world of Harry Potter’s London. What is Un Lun Dun? From the book jacket: “It is London through the looking glass, an urban Wonderland of strange delights where all the lost and broken things of London end up . . . and some of its lost and broken people, too–including Brokkenbroll, boss of the broken umbrellas; Obaday Fing, a tailor whose head is an enormous pin-cushion, and an empty milk carton called Curdle.”

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Let the Reading Be Done…

harry-potter-and-the-deathly-hallows1.jpgDon’t want to ruin it for anyone else, but… well, you’ll just have to read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows for yourself. So we wouldn’t spoil it for each other by accident, my son and I decided we would read the last chapter of the book together. I had a lot of catching up to do as I hadn’t read book 6 yet when we picked up our copy of Book 7 last week. I finished Book 6 and was close to page 200 on the 7th book by Friday night. Sharing the same copy, my son reached the last chapter of Book 7 by late Saturday night, and, I could tell he was sort of regretting our “agreement”. So, when I woke up at 5:00 a.m. yesterday, I grabbed the book and started reading. Stopping only for the necessary household chores, I reached the final chapter by a little after supper last night. Then, we sat down, and silently, as he is apparently too old to be read to out loud, read the final pages of the final book of the Harry Potter saga.

So, now it’s all over….

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