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Wheel of Time stops turning… for now

KnifeofdreamsThe passing of fantasy author James Oliver Rigney Jr., better known by his pename Robert Jordan, will be felt not only by his friends and family, but, also by a legion of fans of his Wheel of Time series.  His death last week leaves the future of the twelfth and intended to be final book in the series in limbo, at least for now.  Jordan was in the midst of writing the book, A Memory of Light, when he announced last March that he had been diagnosed with the rare blood disease called cardiac amyloidosis.  The creator of the fan group ”wotmania” (wot standing for Wheel of Time) recently reported on the group’s website:

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Please Don’t Throw a Sheep At Me…

sheep picI usually try to wait at least a little while before checking out the “next latest thing” whether it’s a best selling book, an anticipated movie release, or some sort of new-fangled technology. I figure if I wait until the hype dies down, maybe I’ll save myself some time, aggravation, and, most importantly, cash. Why not let someone else check out the book/movie/new-fangled technology first and learn from their successes and/or misfortunes?

But, sometimes it gets a little frustrating always waiting for the paperback version of a bestselling book — I waited so long to read Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point , for example that the idea had already tipped over. And, I’m determined to start finding out exactly what happens to Harry Potter in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on July 20th after midnight just like everyone else. I’m sure if he’s actually done for, no one will be able to keep it a secret until the paperback version of the book comes out.

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