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Happy Birthday Hobbits!

Hobbit_cover If you are a fan of hobbits you will know that yesterday, September 21, 2012, was the 75th Anniversary of the publication of The Hobbit. You may also know that today, September 22, is the birthdate shared by Bilbo and Frodo Baggins.

My first introduction to hobbits was in Grade 5 when our teacher read the book to us in class. I was fascinated by the story from the first pages – especially the page with the iconic map of the magical lands where the story The Hobbit or There and Back Again takes place.

One of the things I remember about hobbits besides their hairy feet is how they like to enjoy several meals a day including breakfast, second breakfast, elevensies, luncheon, afternoon tea, dinner and supper.

As second breakfast was Bilbo’s favourite meal of the day it is no surprise that fans of The Hobbit from all over the world have been celebrating the last two days by eating second breakfasts of their own.

In our library second breakfast guests enjoyed Hobbit Scones and homemade cinnamon doughnuts prepared by a couple of my library regulars. Apples fresh off the tree, home-made raspberry jam, Manitoba clover honey, hot chocolate and a wide variety of teas were also served.

I displayed my 50th anniversary editon of The Hobbit and streamed a video of  the second trailer for the upcoming Hobbit movies.
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Turning older or the “ultimate answer to the great question of life, the universe and everything…”

hitchhiker's-guide-to-the-galaxy-coverAt a crossroads in my life on a number of issues, I was thinking today that getting older doesn’t necessarily coincide with getting wiser. How do you determine if you’re on the right track after years of pursuing, as Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series author Douglas Adams aptly put it, the “ultimate answer to the great question of life, the universe and everything”? And, do you really want or need to know the answer at all?   I guess I’m not that old, but, I’m not that young any more either. In fact, in two days my age will reach a certain number, which, if you are an Adams fan, you will recognize as the actual answer to “the great question of life, the universe and everything”, at least as calculated by super computer Deep Thought.

After spending seven and a half million years calculating the ultimate answer, Deep Thought muses that perhaps the question was a little too broad.

I guess in the pursuit of the ultimate answer to “life, the universe and everything” I agree with Slartibartfast, who tells Hitchhiker anti-hero Arthur Dent:

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New X-Files movie should mean a new book and more Mulder…

XFILESI’m not a fan of scary or spooky books, movies, television shows or even music, especially when the scary music is in a scary movie just prior to something scary happening. However, there was something about the television series The X-Files that had me hooked. Despite its often scary themes, and, let’s face it, spooky opening theme music, I faithfully watched the show every week during its entire run from 1993 to 2002 as well as countless repeat episodes, even the ones where the show’s creators disappointingly replaced Mulder as Scully’s partner with that guy from The Terminator. I also watched the 1998 X-Files movie, Fight for the Future at least five times. That’s why I was excited to learn there will be a second X-Files movie coming out next summer.  That’s right; Mulder and Scully, and maybe even that guy from Terminator, will be coming back. More info in this CBC report 

When I started at my library last year I was delighted to find several X-Files novels for young adult and middle school readers on the shelves. Students check out the books from time to time, but, I’m sure the books don’t leave the shelves as often as they did during the height of the show’s popularity.

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