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Why I like my treadmill desk

treadmilldeskSince I started using my new treadmill desk about a month ago I’ve been walking at least one to two hours a day and sometimes more.

This past Friday night I walked for about five hours while watching a drummer drum along to requested rock and pop songs to raise funds for his friend’s chemo treatments. I sang along out loud while (at the drummer’s request to the people watching in the chat) typing lyrics. You will note that since my first post about my treadmill desk my multitasking skills have greatly improved.

I was only walking 1.2 mph so the drummer I was watching got a much better workout – drumming for basically 7.5 hours straight. (You should check out his next fundraising drumming session here). But being able to stick with any type of physical activity for five hours straight without getting bored is a breakthrough for me.

For the first two weeks that I used my treadmill desk I was working on a major desktop publishing project. Since then I’ve mostly been treading while writing. Admittedly this often includes time catching up on Facebook and Twitter, gaming, watching drum-a-thons and just getting lost in the wonder that is the internet.

Mindless surfing aside, I find my treadmill desk has really helped with my tendency to procrastinate about writing and exercising. Now, if I feel like walking, I might as well write. And, if I feel like writing, I might as well walk.

I read an interesting article recently by Justin Jackson on Lifehacker about keeping your desk as a place where you work and stepping away to complete non-work tasks. The writer had a standing desk. I’m wondering if he would step away as often if he had a treadmill desk.
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Country Christmas…



Pine trees, their boughs laden with snow,
are our Christmas trees.

Overwintering birds twittering in branches
are our Christmas carolers.

Handmade quilts, sweaters and wooden toys
are our Christmas gifts.

Farm animals nestled in straw in the barn
form our nativity scene.

One bright star shining in the night
is our Christmas star.

Heather Leask Armstrong

You’re not in Kansas anymore with these Manitoba writing contests

writerscollectivelogo1.jpgThe Winnipeg Writers’ Collective has announced its annual non-fiction and poetry contests. The non-fiction contest is just one of the contests (there is a fiction contest later in the year) the Collective hosts annually with the Winnipeg Free Press.  This year participants must write a non-fiction story based on the theme, “I knew I wasn’t in Kansas anymore when …” The idea, according to the friendly people at the Collective, is to relate a true tale about something unexpected or bizarre that has happened to you.  To help you get started, the contest instructions ask, “How did the world around you suddenly become unfamiliar?  Did you receive an unusual phone call?  Take a wrong turn? Encounter a mysterious stranger?” 

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